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Everything to Know About a Wrought Iron Fence

Everything to Know About a Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing is a strong fencing material that can be used on both residential and commercial properties. They can be styled in many different ways and are the longest lasting fence material. Read more about the commonly asked questions for wrought iron fences.

Why is wrought iron so expensive?

What Is the Reason for the High Cost of Wrought Iron? Cast  iron is continuously heated and reworked to produce wrought iron. Wrought iron is a pricey material due to the manufacturing process that gives it its laminar structure. It has significantly greater tensile strength and is far more flexible than cast iron.

How much does it cost to paint an iron fence?

The cost of painting an iron fence ranges from $5 to $12 per linear foot, or $750 to $2,300 for 150′. Preparation work involves using a wire brush to remove flaking paint and rust, cleaning down with a lint-free cloth, and applying a rust-inhibitive primer. Spraying is the quickest way to paint most wrought-iron fences.

Is a wrought iron fence more expensive than wood?

A 6′ tall piece of wood fencing costs about $15. Vinyl fencing is the second most expensive material to install, with an average cost of $20. Wrought iron fencing is the most expensive option to use, with prices ranging from $20 to $30.

What is the difference between cast iron and wrought iron?

People frequently mistake cast iron and wrought iron for interchangeable names, but there is a significant distinction. Wrought iron is made from heated iron that has been manipulated with tools. Cast iron is iron that has been melted, put into a mould, and solidified.

Is a wrought iron fence worth it?

Because of its extreme strength and resilience, wrought iron is expected to last for many years. It is extremely difficult to break, making it a great security fence for anyone desiring a high level of protection. It will not rot, warp, deteriorate, dry out, or create a home for termites, unlike wood.

Why does wrought iron not rust?

Wrought iron contains more carbon than pure iron, and as a result, it is naturally more resistant to rusting.

How long will a wrought iron fence last?

Wrought iron fences are built to last a lifetime, if not centuries. Some of New Orleans’ iconic wrought iron balconies date back to the 1700s, and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has particularly magnificent ironwork that has withstood the test of time.

How do you stop a wrought iron fence from rusting?

Apply a layer of oil-based rust-resistant primer to your wrought iron fence to keep it from corroding in the future. For equal covering, use smooth strokes with a paintbrush. Alternatively, to make the job easier, use a spray-on metal primer.

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