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Residenital Wooden Fence Contractors in Milton, Ontario

Wood is by far the most common residential fencing material used today. Wood can be painted, cut and styled into many different designs which is why it's so popular. Wooden fences are also sturdy and provide lots of security for homes and businesses. They also last a long time and add curb appeal to the front of a home.

As specialists in woodwork services, our fence contractors provide excellent wooden fence building services. We offer solutions to improve your privacy while also adding to the curb appeal of your home. We use high-quality wood materials to ensure long-term durability. Our specialists are skilled wood fence installers that takes each detail into consideration in order to guarantee that your fence is installed correctly.

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wooden fence building company milton ontario
wooden fence building company milton ontario

Different Types of Wood Fences

  1. Agricultural Fence Style – This type of wooden fence usually is made of original rustic red cedar, pine tree, and/or locust wood. Based on the needs of our client, we offer two or three rail-stacked fences.
  2. Residential Fence Style – For residential wooden fences, the wood is used to create beautiful styled designs. They add a lot of curb appeal to a home with their decorative styles. With residential fences, people can also customize the design.
  3. Innovative Wood Fencing – This type of wood fencing is very unique. People can create their own designs and base it off of their geographic area.

Wood Fence Installation Services

We specialize in all things fences; fence repair, deck repair, wooden, vinyl, and chain link fences and much more!

Wood Fence Contractor

Milton Fencing works with customers individual needs and requirements to build them their dream fence. We install fences all across the Milton area and have been for many years. Our wood fence installation is strong and secure and we have a long list of satisfied clients. When building fences, our objective is to meet the needs of our clients. Whether that includes, curb appeal, protection from strangers, increased child safety, property security or to create a relaxing backyard, we can help make that happen. Our fence contractors are experienced and trained in wooden fence installation.

Wooden fences are great combined with wooden gates. Whether the gate is stand alone or attached to your fence, they provide a lot of value to a home. Wooden gates can be customized by their width, colour, design, material and height. With any gate design, our number one priority is making sure it's stable and will last a long time. Milton Fencing uses high quality wood to ensure our projects will last. Another essential component of a good wooden gate is that it be built on time and properly. We prioritize the fence's stability and adhere to any building code in Milton to ensure it's a solid structure with properly fitted components. So if you're looking for a solid wooden fence or gate, our Milton fencing contractors can help. We provide excellent fence installation services and can do so at an affordable price. Get in touch with our contractors today. Read more about which fence material lasts the longest?

Wood Fence contracting company milton
Wood Fence contracting company milton


Invest in Experienced Fence Builders in Milton, Ontario

Single Board Fence

Milton single board fences are considered more simplified because the boards are placed side by side. The wooden boards run vertical and the same length which provides a clean look for the property owner. They can provide complete privacy when no spaces are used between the boards, or you can add space to create air flow.

Horizontal Wooden Fence

Horizontal wood fences provide all the same benefits as a vertical fence except the wood panels run horizontal. They are a great privacy fence for any time of property and can be customized with unique toppers.

Alternating Wood Fence

Alternating wooden fences have offset panels which makes them symmetrical on both sides. They are semi-private and allow for some air flow through the property. Milton alternating fences can be built as tall as you’d like but the average height ranges from 6-8 feet tall.

Toppers and Optional Styles

Toppers are design elements added to the top of wooden fences to add more privacy or style. Wood lattice is the most common fence topper, but it can also be made out of plain wooden panels, metal, wrought iron, or plastic.

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